3 Components of the Ideal Resume

Over the past 35 years, I’ve looked over thousands of resumes from professionals. We frequently review the resumes of candidates and then decide on the best candidates that should be included in the process of selection for our clients. It is important to be aware that hiring managers utilize software to filter out a large number of different resumes that they get. If they do select resumes, they are then quickly assessed to determine if they are relevant (approximately 30 minutes) and then passed to for further scrutiny. When you get hundreds of resumes literally in response to a job posting, it is easy to understand the reasons we must be effective and cautious when we are making selections through the process. This being said, when you are a job hunter, you’re not going to have plenty of time to share irrelevant details on your resume, as you’ll be disregarded by the manager who is hiring you. There are three elements to your resume that get the attention of hiring managers. It should include over-the-fold contents, a value proposition statement, and should include keywords specific to the job. Also, these are the terms relevant to the job ad.

We’ve seen resumes that are just one page, and we’ve seen six-page resumes (CV) for MD/Ph.D. or higher-level management professionals. However, I have found that the most widely used length for resumes is two pages. It is important to remember that the sole purpose of the resume you write is to catch the interest of the manager who is hiring you and get a face to a meeting. Therefore, whether you choose to create your own resume or hire an expert to write your resume is entirely your choice. With the capability to browse the internet for resume templates, you’ll discover that the information I’ve provided to you will be equally helpful and cost-effective in helping you in creating your own resume, thereby saving many hundreds.

Above the Fold

When the information is located over the fold, it will be first displayed when the employer opens the page onto their personal computer. For the printed resume [8.5x11The most important elements of your resume will be placed on the top of the first page of your resume.

Content layout and layout are essential because the content over the fold will be what’s first seen when a user opens pages… due to its visibility, the content you put above the fold must reflect the qualifications and skills that are relevant to the position.

Value Proposition Statement

Value Proposition Statements form a crucial part of your resume. They let the manager you are interviewing understand the value you immediately contribute to the position upon being appointed. When writing your value proposition statement, it is crucial to write it in a way that portrays the value you’ll provide to the business. We believe that the value proposition statement should not be more than five paragraphs. This being said, you must spend some time crafting an engaging value proposition. The most important things to be aware of while you create your value proposition statement
Find out all the benefits your abilities and knowledge can provide.
Define what makes your expertise and abilities valuable to the customer.
Focus on the employer’s primary challenge or needs, which must be listed within the description of the job.
Find out the value you add to your job’s description.
Others are also seeking this position. It is important to distinguish yourself as the top candidate for the job.

Your value proposition statement must be able to explain how your abilities and abilities will add value to an employer, what benefits employers can expect, and the reason why the company should consider hiring you for the job.


Keywords must be specific words or phrases of short duration which are relevant to the specifications for the position. These are the abilities as well as the credentials, capabilities, and characteristics that hiring managers are looking at in a candidate. Spend some time reading the job description in its entirety with the sole purpose of identifying keywords essential to the purpose of the job. It is then time to consider incorporating these keywords into them your resume. In just a few minutes, you’ll become comfortable with using these keywords in a way that highlights your qualities for the job.

It requires some consideration to get these three parts in the right place. Your resume should effectively reflect your personality until you are given a chance to have an interview face-to-face. However, I am confident that by rethinking editing and searching for ways to make the information relevant, you’ll have a powerful professional resume.

Greg Ikner is the President of the AGA Group… A workforce solutions firm that provides hiring, staffing, and training and development for businesses both in the public and private work sector.