3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Just Copy Your Resume Into Your LinkedIn Summary

A lot of people on LinkedIn do the wrong thing by copying resume summary statements to LinkedIn’s LinkedIn summary section. There are three main issues when using this strategy:

Problem #1: Trite Phrases

The majority of your resume’s summary is filled with phrases that are repeated over and over again, such as “Results-oriented team player with a proven track record… ” or “Dynamic, motivated self-starter with extensive experience… ”

If your resume’s resume summary appears similar to the examples above, you should revise it and get an experienced resume writer, If you need to! This kind of language should not be on your resume or on LinkedIn. LinkedIn profile.

Problem #2: LinkedIn Summary Real Estate

You can use the option of 2000 characters for LinkedIn Summary, in contrast to. The three-to-4 line max in your summary of your resume. What is the reason you wouldn’t want to make use of all that real space to make a statement that is actually saying something about you?

Problem #3: Keywords

The summary of your LinkedIn Summary is the most important space to include keywords to be discovered on LinkedIn. If you do not include a three-line summary, it is a waste of the chance to incorporate keywords in your profile.

Resume Summary Example – For Resumes Only

Below is an example of a robust resume summary that isn’t appropriate for a LinkedIn summary (note I do think this is a good idea for an example of a resume summary and actually created it! ):

LeeAnn Dance – Producer – Writer – Editor

Award-winning TV producer and groundbreaking investigative reporter with experience covering issues that range from pre-elections to international news and, more specifically, East Africa. Creator and author of critically acclaimed documentaries as well as commercial videos for non-profit organizations. 8 years as a producer at CNN.

LinkedIn Summary Example – Great Model!

What should the LinkedIn Summary look like for LeaAnn? This is the summary we made for LeaAnn:

Award-winning documentary and investigative television producer
Production of videos and broadcast journalism have been my interests for the past 20 years since I earned the MS in Journalism at Columbia University. I’ve produced anything from original reports on behalf of CNN and promotional videos for nonprofit organizations and am currently hosting a blog-based radio show that is targeted at parents who are relaunching their careers.
My background in journalism has given me the capability to dissect an enormous amount of information and focus on what’s important and truthful. I am able to pinpoint the true message that must be communicated and create an engaging story that inspires and moves the audience.
Promotional Videos for Non-Profit Organizations
As a professional video producer, I specialize in producing professional, high-quality, and unique promo videos for non-profit as well as educational institutions. I am familiar with the financial limitations of non-profit organizations and can operate within a variety of budgets and scope of work.

Funders are attracted by high-quality video presentations that effectively communicate your company’s message. I will consider your message, focus on it, and translate it into a succinct and relevant array of images or words, as well as sounds. Then you will benefit from an engaging video to showcase your organization’s fundraising events as well as on the internet.

Back in Force
Alongside being a video-maker, I was also a stay-at-home mother for 13 years, and I am dedicated to offering support for women who are returning to work. This blog *** documents my experience and provides information on returning-to-work processes.

Blog topics cover emotional obstacles in relaunching your blog, preparing your resume or updating your wardrobe and making sure your family is ready for the possibility of re-entry.

Visit my blog for my weekly talk radio show about how to launch your career. The show features guests that include authors and therapy professionals, career counsellors and employers. (www.blogtalkradio.com/***)

What is the most useful thing about this example?

LeeAnn’s story is relayed through her love for the subject (the resume summary is not).
It contains multiple keywords that can help LeeAnn be found via LinkedIn.
The book covers the various aspects of LeeAnn’s provide.
The eye is drawn to sub-headings to ensure that readers can clearly see the main theme of LeeAnn. The text is divided into small pieces, but not so as to be too big that no one can be able to.
It has a call to action.
The resume summary is not one of these five items, although it’s excellent as an overview of your resume.

Do you have a LinkedIn summary Statement about yourself that fulfils at least four of the five tasks mentioned above? If yes, take it! If you require help, look into hiring an expert to write your LinkedIn Summary that can assist you in getting noticed on LinkedIn and will have the impact you wish to have on the people who visit your profile.