5 Proven Methods to Gain and Keep the Attention of Top Headhunters


MS Word “.Doc” format – not pdf, now not ppt. Most recruiters will need to reformat it in a manner that the clients request or their organization gives to customers. Word “.Doc” format and reverse chronological order with easy formatting is the absolute maximum, not unusual layout Head Hunters use, and customers get hold of. Using a Recruiter will put you immediately in front of a decision maker, so contemplating making a completely unique or “eye-catching” resume is just wished. In fact, those who stumble upon the desk of most recruiters will get stripped all the way down to the bare bones and placed on a Word. Document ultimately. Top Producing Head Hunters can review and process many resumes in an afternoon. Make it smooth for them to paint with, and you will hold their interest. 16-page resumes with four unique fonts and five one-of-a-kind types of bullet points/sizes, visit the trash field. Try to keep it beneath three pages. No need to squeeze it all on one web page, but don’t put each of the information in your working life. Each process awareness of SUCCESS/RESULTS. Recruiters need to look at numbers, percentages, and body of workers’ numbers managed, will increase in sales, decrease in costs, better emblem recognition, and so on. Try to quantify your achievement as lots. For every employer/position you have worked, try to spotlight in multiple sentences your key responsibilities, after which show three to four KEY achievement stories. You want to illustrate to your Head Hunter that each career exchange you are making, way affects and fulfillment on your agency and that there’s a provable pattern of your achievement.

Define more than one next step:

The worst answer to a Recruiter’s question, “What’s your best subsequent career step?” – “I’m open.” NO. Talk in specifics. It will no longer restrict what a Head Hunter presents to you. However, it will get you roles which are pretty close to what you suspect is your best next step. If you have got been in your enterprise for 10+ years, you likely recognize there are multiple routes you could absorb your career. Know what they’re! Know which one you’re the fine in shape for. Articulate that for your Head Hunter. Consider the dimensions and scope of the position you need next. The type of business enterprise – a begin-up, a multi-country-wide, a boutique company? Guide your Head Hunter to the “perfect” position/s you could make a circulate to; they’ll get MORE roles to you if you give them a target to work with.

Preparation for interviews:

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (5Ps). A top Recruiter will provide you with as many facts as they’ve acquired from their consumer and can even prepare a statistics p.C about their customer. Interview hints and a “position play” smartphone call or a face-to-face instruction assembly together with your Head Hunter may additionally have also been carried out. But at the quiet of the day, you must put yourself together for the community. Even if you are uncertain if the potential organization is the proper next career step for you, you need to move in prepared and show enthusiasm/interest for the function and the enterprise. Thoroughly study the employer’s internet site. Not a look, however, an honest exploration of the corporation, “approximately us”, press releases, Investor Relations, merchandise, offerings, etc. You may additionally find out lots extra approximately the company that you expected. With an easy seek on the net roughly, the organization also can show you inventory fees, performance, and trendy information. It is imperative you are nicely versed in the state-of-the-art knowledge of the company. Having this expertise before you move into a meeting and incorporating it into your answers and inquiries to the interviewer will demonstrate interest, interest, and your seriousness stage in their enterprise. This will be contemplated within the feedback they pass on to your Head Hunter. Regardless of the final results of the assembly, you need your Head Hunter to pay attention to which you have been prepared and knowledgeable about their consumer business enterprise. The opposite will surely not get you some other meeting.

Prove you’re counter-provide resistant:

In a buoyant market, it’ll be not unusual on the way to acquire a couple of gives and even a counter-offer from your contemporary business enterprise when you inform them you’re resigning. If you have decided to take the provide of your Head Hunter’s purchaser, the guaranteed manner to wreck your popularity and have it recognized inside the enterprise (Yes, Head Hunters do communicate to other Recruiters) is to them be given a counter-offer by your modern enterprise. Simply, do now not begin the procedure of interviewing with a pinnacle Head Hunter if you plan to leverage an offer to benefit an advantage along with your modern-day enterprise. Examine your motives for deciding to transport on out of your present-day company and recognize that although a counter-provide is made, the reasons for moving on are most in all likelihood now not going to alternate in a survey performed via the Wall Street Journal, over 50 percent of people receiving counter-gives after turning off their resignations regularly occurring them. Within eighteen months, 93 percent of these accepting counter gives had left, a few voluntarily and a few fired. All of the final 7 percent had been actively in search of new employment. All pinnacle Recruiters have suffered from candidates accepting counter-offers. To hold the attention of a pinnacle Head Hunter, in case you interview with them, volunteer the reasons you may not receive a counter-provide. Multiple reasons are more robust than one and could offer a degree of comfort for a Head Hunter to get you out to their top, desired customers. Head Hunters do not need to ship candidates to their clients to waste precious time and benefit excitement from a customer, most effectively for it to bring about rejected offers. If this occurs multiple times for a Head Hunter with a Client, the Head Hunter might also lose them as a desired accomplice. Showing recognition for a Recruiters dating with their client is appreciated and will be recognized and rewarded.


Over the beyond ten years, the recruiting marketplace has converted notably. Timing is greater crucial than ever. Timing, in phrases of responding to customer/candidate requests, introducing candidates to customers, comments from applicants/customers, and timing of selections to provide or not to provide. A top Recruiter will be operating with a pick organization of customers and applicants at one time. They have a tendency to do their pleasant to be well timed and correct with the facts they carry to each candidate and consumer. If you initiate your career alternate through a Head Hunter, be organized to open up a totally liberal line of conversation with them. Give them your mobile, direct office, home-wide variety, text address, and other contact info that permit your Head Hunter to get keep of you without problems. The tempo of the industry is faster than ever, and delays can be luxurious. It may cost a little the Head Hunter a rate; however, greater importantly could price you a role that may be a professional builder. Answer emails quickly and thoroughly. Be as bendy with your capability to meet a Head Hunter’s clients and requests. Do no longer go away a Head Hunter looking forward to an hour and hours on pressing purchaser requests. The Head Hunter appreciates you are employed and operating hard; however, in the course of the process, you ought to make this a concern project for you. Your new task is getting a brand new process!