7 Phrases to Remove From Your Resume

Although you might not realize it, weak words and phrases on your resume can hurt your chances of landing a job. These employment-speak clich├ęs can make even the most qualified candidate look incompetent and dull. They also leave them lacking the confidence and initiative to succeed at work.

Take a moment to look at your resume line-by-line and determine if these seven phrases are causing you not as many interviews as possible.

1. Responsible for / Responsible for

It does not necessarily mean that you did the job well by claiming you were responsible for or in charge of something. These statements can give the impression that you may be hiding major mistakes or don’t know much about the subject. Use active verbs to clearly state your responsibilities. Instead of writing “Responsible” for opening and closing a store, write “Opened the store every day independently” and any other pertinent details. This small change instantly improves your profile.

2. All duties included

This phrase is essentially saying what you should do, rather than what you have actually accomplished. The best thing to do is to shift your focus away from your duties and onto your achievements.

3. Select as

This phrase can make you seem unmotivated and passive. This can be avoided by emphasizing your contribution to the job you were chosen. You might say that you have supervised certain people or managed a project to completion, even though you are the head of a task force or committee.

4. Assist with

This statement is too vague. It is too vague. If you don’t find anything worth noting, your “helped” shouldn’t be on your resume.

5. Attempted

Potential employers are interested in your potential contributions to their company. While trying something new may have been an invaluable learning experience, it’s best to keep that off your resume. This will allow you to focus on the actual tasks that you have completed.

6. Familiar with

Technically, after watching a documentary on karate, I can claim that I am familiar with the art. A black belt champion, on the other hand, can make the same claim. You can’t say that you are “familiar” with a subject if it doesn’t show your expertise. Please be more specific about what you know about procedures, legislation, software, and any other applicable information.

7. About

Do you want to appear incompetent and uncertain? You can avoid this by using the phrase “approximately” on your resume. The HR’s eyes will light up when you include numbers and figures. If you are looking to prove that your employer has increased its revenue, you should take the time to calculate the percentage. Otherwise, don’t bother.

A final word of advice: Don’t be afraid to experiment with words when you edit your resume. It’s not easy to get it right, but you can do it if you use active verbs and positive verbs and don’t let your resume become too big (lying about employment documents is never acceptable).