9 Things Your Resumix Resume Must Include

Resumix resumes are more formal than a standard civilian resume. To pass the initial screening and get your resume seen by an HR person, you must include certain things. Here are 9 essential things that your Resumix resume should include. You should note that the Resumix resume format used by different departments and branches of government is different. Before you submit information, double-check which format you are using. Your resume will be immediately rejected if it does not conform to the format.

9 Things You Must Have in Your Resume

1. Keywords

Before you start to create your resume, it is important to remember the keywords you will be using. Most positions will have a few keywords in their description. If not, take some time to review similar job openings to identify keywords that might also apply to the position you are interested in. A majority of people recommend that you have at least 25 keywords in your list before you start. This step is crucial because if you skip it, your resume won’t make it past the first scan. The computer will assume that you don’t have the relevant skills or meet the requirements for the job.

2. Personal Information

No matter what Resumix resume format is used, certain pieces of personal data will always be present. The Social Security number is one of the most overlooked pieces of personal data. You will need to provide your full name, address and phone number.

3. Experience Summary

You will need to provide an experience summary before you can move on to the main part of your resume. This section should include information about your previous jobs and the positions you have held. This section should not consist of a few sentences. Instead, it should be a paragraph listing your previous job titles and positions, separated by a semicolon.

4. Experience – In Detail

This is likely to be the section where you spend most time. Your job title, the name of the company you worked for, and your address should be included at the beginning of every previous experience. Once you have added your contact information, you can spend a few sentences explaining what you did. You may also include a couple of examples or supporting statements. Your Resumix experience section should be the most important. It is also where you should include most of your keywords.

5. Formal Education

The format of the formal education section is similar to a traditional resume. You should include information not only about your diploma but also the place you received it, and the date you completed your studies.

6. Specialized Training

You may find a section in your Resumix where you can add any training that you have received, depending on the format. This will most likely be on-the job training/in-the field training that is more dance-intensive than what you would receive in a classroom.

7. Licenses/Certificates

Include as much detail as you can about any licenses or certificates relevant to the job that you are applying for. The format should look similar to the education section.

8. Awards

You should add any awards you have received in your employment, particularly those that were earned during military service.

9. Additional Information

Many job openings require that you submit additional data. Most job openings will require you to submit additional data. This could be a list with answers to additional surveys or forms. This may not be required for every Resumix resume you submit, but it is important to pay attention to job postings so you don’t miss any information.

Jason Kay is a professional writer of resumes and recommends using a professional Resumix writing agency to create the best resume possible for government job applications.