Almost Had a College Degree, What Job Shall I Aim for

Here’s the problem. The problem is that you may have almost reached the platform of glory. But for some unforgivable reason, you must stop studying for your bachelor’s degree and start looking for a job. You can’t win against a crowd of college graduates, but you don’t want your high school students to be left behind in a blue-collar job. What can you do?

#1 Learn from others and research

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step. It’s not a wild thing to use the World Wide Web to find out what to expect from your situation. Ask your friends and family who are undergraduates if you can get more luck. There’s a good chance that once you have an idea of the right job for you, your job search can be narrowed to more realistic opportunities.

#2 Join Associate Graduates

You can’t deliver a decent application if you don’t classify yourself. It is safer to place yourself alongside the title holders in your case. Although you may have more years of experience than them, you both are still in the middle of the pack, idiomatically speaking. They are the best options for you. But, you can still get an edge over others. A college degree is better than no college degree. Show your ability to learn from professionals in order to be able to use it in your job.

#3 Don’t lie

Two reasons you’re applying to different employers are that they are searching for college graduates or associate grads who will fit the job second because your qualifications match theirs. Why would you alter facts about your academic history? Even if your job requires a college degree, lying about your educational background is not necessary. Falsehood is not only harmful to your career, but it’s also functional.

#4 Focus on the specific knowledge of the field

Even if you are not quite ready to go, there is one positive thing about college: you will have more knowledge than you need in the company’s process. Imagine that you are applying to be an accountant’s clerk. They will be able to see that you have technical knowledge, as well as the ability to answer client calls and organize files.

You don’t need to get a degree in order to have a promising career. Sometimes, all you need is some confidence and some cunning. There are worse situations than you might think. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a semester of leftover college grads. It also means you gained some additional years of learning over associate grads.

Don’t worry, and it’s better not to be able to get a bachelor’s than not having it. You’re luckier than others; this is the case with Case in Point. Remember kick-outs, felons, and disabled people before you think there isn’t much work for you.

Kate Ross-Myers is a New York-based human resource magazine. Her experience includes preparing resources for training, recruiting, and hiring. Kate speaks at conventions and forums on employee growth and wellness.