Basic Resume Tips for Nurses

Your resume is crucial in landing the job you want. Your skills, education, and qualifications are highlighted in your resume. Remember to use a standard outline when submitting a resume for nurses. You can look at a few samples online if this is your first attempt to create a resume. A high-quality resume will guarantee you the job of your dreams. These are some great tips to help you succeed in job hunting.

Verify your Contact Information

Your contact details are the most important thing to check when creating your resume. Verify that they are correct. Be sure to include your full name, contact number and address. The contact information is usually found at the top of the paper.

A Qualification or Objective Statement

Particularly for new nurses, the objective statement is vital. The objective statement should not exceed 2 sentences. This statement should be written in a professional and concise style. In the objective statement, it is important to communicate your long-term and short-term professional goals.

The summary of qualifications is the next section. The summary of qualification is useful if you are an experienced nurse looking for a better position in your chosen field. Summary of qualifications contains detailed information about your nursing skills. It should relate to the job that you are applying for. The summary can be written in bullet or paragraph form.

Recognize Work Experience

This is the most important part of your resume. In bullet format, you should list all of your work history. It is recommended to include the names of all companies you have worked for as well as any related job titles. It is essential to give a brief description of each job title that you have held in order to show your knowledge and expertise in the field. A brief description of the vision and goals of the institution or company is helpful if the institution is not well-known.

You can list the number of employees you have managed in previous jobs to show your leadership abilities and potential for team management. It is important to communicate well with medical professionals, other departments and external agencies, especially if you are a specialized nurse. It would be beneficial to highlight your duties and responsibilities, such as your strategies for planning, supervising and monitoring patient care, record-keeping, and other routine responsibilities. Your extensive experience in pediatrics and oncology as well as ICU/ER and long-term care, and knowledge of Medicare insurance, home medical procedure, and JCAHO standards, and reimbursements requirements, will be helpful. List all achievements that have contributed to the success of your department.

Highlight Education, Certification, and Licenses

Another important aspect of your resume to highlight is educational attainment. The resume should include the name of your college, the year you graduated and the course you took. It is also important to have any other licenses or certifications. Highlight academic honors, scholarships, and extracurricular pursuits.

Now that you have read the above tips, it is possible to create a great resume to get hired by potential employers. Your resume is only one thing. You must also be confident in the interview and have some personality. Positive attitude will help you land the job of your dreams.