Blank Resumes Why a Form Is Not Good for Your Job Hunt

Even though we live in times of great job shortages, every job seeker wants to avoid the tedious task of creating a resume. They start to search for websites that offer blank resumes and only ask them to provide their names, backgrounds, and other trivial information that has nothing to do with their profession.

This may have solved their problem of putting too much effort into finding a job. However, this does not solve the problem of finding a job with decent pay. Imagine this: Every applicant who is lazy passes the same resume with the exact content, but their name has been changed. Disaster? This is not paranoia, believe me.

If you have understood the point, then filling in the blanks is only for grade school exams. There is no professional job market where there is a grade school that could do the same. These types of application papers don’t work for many reasons.

1. No originality

That’s simple. No one hires someone without a specialty. They are too generic to tell you why you should be hired. It describes the qualities that you possess and can also describe other people. Employers will be more likely to hire you if your uniqueness and originality are key factors. You must work hard to get the job you want and show that you are better than everyone else to be considered for the top job.

2. It doesn’t refer to you as a professional.

Although blank resumes can mention your name, contact details, and other trivialities, it doesn’t say anything about you. Any word can be used as a description of any average Joe. It can even be used to describe any Joe’s dog. It can be used to describe the dog next door as “motivated”, “goal-oriented”, and “team player”.

3. It is already a problem for HR managers

Imagine you are reading the same boring home gardening book 100 times per year. This is exactly what our jaded hiring staff feel when they see another innovative, results-oriented, good communicator’s application form. It can be nerve-wracking, so please do them a favor. You’ll be rewarded in the end. You will be unable to create something for the sake of passing it by. We don’t need to guess where the trash goes.

4. It can cause damage to credentials

People who choose to use free templates are referred to as the laziest candidates. Or do you? This is about whether you are serious about your prospect. It is simple. If you put in the effort to present yourself professionally, it will reflect on your personal brand. It says a lot about your personality if you don’t.

5. It won’t bring out your best.

Don’t forget to include your interest in the job posting on your resume. It is also a way to show that you are worthy of the job. It takes time and a lot of brainstorming to win the employer’s approval. These resumes are not the best.

Nelly Marshall, a veteran career author, has been producing career development materials for many recruitment agencies across the U.S. for more than ten years. His leisure time is spent in sports and photography.