Branding The Key to a Successful Job Search

You’re between jobs and faced with the prospect of creating a resume, cover letter, and different applicable files. What do you do? Many job seekers make the mistake of seeking to cram in each possible professional element and accomplishment within some pages, hoping that something out of all that information will stick within the mind of a recruiter or hiring agent. Essentially, they may be playing the odds. Unfortunately, in a market crowded with qualified applicants, this form of technique rarely, if ever, works.

So what’s the solution? It begins with self-assessment. Take a difficult observing your profession and figuring out 3-4 regions in that you’ve in reality excelled (and which might be in line with the type of role you’d like to land subsequent). These will shape the basis of your non-public emblem, a kind of running topic you could use throughout all job seek files and which may be effortlessly understood by a reader. Here’s how to identify and efficaciously communicate it:


Gather info spanning your complete painting records, particularly accomplishments. What have you ever been praised for? What are your regions of expertise? Make a short listing of these details.

Now go through the process postings you’re interested in filing to and evaluate requirements. Which capabilities are referred to as out time and time again? More importantly, wherein are the areas of overlap with your personal regions of fulfillment? These are the essential abilities that want to form the basis of your unique emblem.


The maximum essential region for a personal branding declaration is proper at the start of your resume. Most recruiters/hiring marketers will spend less than a minute on a first pass of a candidate’s resume, so it’s essential to start off robust and nab their hobby.

Create a short paragraph, no more significant than four-5 lines, ACTIVELY DESCRIBING the competencies diagnosed inside the previous section. Keep sentences centered and to the factor, and keep away from listing specific metrics (that’s what the painting’s history phase of your resume is for). For example, a candidate looking for an Engineering Management position could end up with a non-public branding declaration along the lines of:

“Driven and proactive expert able to lead go-purposeful teams in deploying new systems, hold top-tier Quality requirements, and offer 1-on-1 customer service. Highly professional in managing telecommunications networks, enhancing key strategies, and capitalizing on rising technologies. Able to thrive in demanding environments and always execute tasks on time and on budget.”


In addition to boosting the effectiveness of your resume, a non-public branding assertion can be successfully used throughout any document or social media platform that could probably cause a brand new job. The key here is CONSISTENCY: don’t attempt to create a whole new set of ideas when developing a cover letter, revising your LinkedIn profile, or sending an e-mail to a brand-unique touch. Simply tweak the statement as wanted and use it as your personal calling card. It’s one of the excellent methods to distinguish yourself from the opposition and speak about what units you aside.

Best of success with your process search!

Anish Majumdar is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Owner at Resume Orbit. 95% of clients file an enormous increase in interviews within 30 days, and all work comes subsidized by means of a 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee (in writing).