Can You Write a Resume in Minutes

Yes. However, it is impossible to create a masterpiece in so little time.

You’re not the only job applicant looking for quick fixes to their application. We doubt that you will get any decent advice about what you are looking for.

Fast resume solutions don’t work. You may save time and effort, but it’s not likely to produce any results.

You may realize that your career may be at risk if you spend too much time slaving over your copy. Instead, take your application seriously. Take your time and ensure that you review everything carefully before sending it to potential employers. If you are still interested in the foolish way of trying to win employers, we recommend using voodoo websites. We won’t make fun of you, but here are some reasons why you can’t write a resume in a matter of minutes.

1. Because the dictionary contains millions of words

Imagine a thousand people repeating the exact phrases and cliches over and over. The idea of a document that includes all the things that are obsolete is not something that your jaded HR will enjoy. If he doesn’t enjoy listening to broken records, he will not even notice your self-promotion. You can only guarantee that the person reading it will pay attention if you are faithful in crafting your unique words and demonstrating your unique talents. Although there are many ways to create a copy that highlights why you should be different from your competitors, it is impossible to pass an application that has been copied from a template.

2. Because you don’t write as fast as your speech

There is no one who can speak as fast as he presses his pen. It is essential to consider what you will put as content. You must segregate the nonsensical and the useful. And you are limited to only two pages. Consider the buffer time you will spend staring at the blank screen before you start writing (which can take up to fifteen minutes if you are not a robot). When you are trying to figure out how to write your competitive edge, it is essential to factor in the processing time. If you want to create a resume in minutes, that’s a significant fraction of your time.

3. You still need to read the piece

Did we mention review? If you want to make sure that your paper doesn’t go in the trash because of spelling or grammatical mistakes, this is something you must do. It is not a good idea to rush to the HR office and not check that your layout was correct or that the copy has no typographical errors. Do not give the employer the impression that you are a lazy person who is likely to make a lot of mistakes when you get hired.

4. Because I can’t finish this hasty piece in just minutes

This is a brief summary of my life and accomplishments. I don’t need to reminisce about my achievements or think about how I can impress the person reading this. It took me over an hour to finish the resume and pass it on to my boss. People are often asking me if I can create a resume in a matter of minutes. No dice.

Kate Ross-Myers is a New York-based human resource magazine. Her experience includes preparing resources for training, recruiting, and hiring. Kate speaks at conventions and forums on employee growth and wellness.