Career Change Resume Writing

Are You Looking for a Career Change Resume?

What is the reason why career change resume writing has become so important for job seekers? Because of its unique characteristics, the “New Economy” has created the most uncertainty in the process of planning for and pursuing a career. This new paradigm also includes the possibility that you may have to change your career, possibly more than once.

What is Career Change Resume Writing?

A Career Change Resume will be used to apply for a job in a different discipline or industry than the one you are familiar with.

What Makes a Career Change Resume Different?

You are looking to change careers in this case and will be competing with other applicants who have experience, a track record, and achievements in this field. You should assume that the hiring manager for this job ranks your relevant experience high up on their decision tree. This concern should be addressed in your career change resume.

How feasible is it to successfully change careers?

Employers don’t want to see a long learning curve when hiring a new employee. You must demonstrate that you are able to learn quickly and apply your unique skills to get things done. This is what your resume should reflect. In other words, you need to be able and willing to believe that your new job will make a difference.

Truth is, almost anyone with intelligence can learn about the new business, the new industry, or field. It is simply a matter of exposure and time. Your documented skills are what you bring to this party. These skills can be used in the job that you are applying to make this company succeed. It is possible to change careers and it happens regularly. People with high energy and a track record of success in a different field will often get invited to interview for the job. They are more likely to be selected than those with tenure. Writing a career change resume is a great way to get them into the job market. If you have previous successes, your past achievements will be more valuable. It is easier to change your career if you have a track record of success in moving between industries and performing at high levels.

Your cause will be helped if you are able to sell yourself to recruiters in your target field about your ability to succeed across disciplines. It is powerful evidence that a recruiter believes in you because they are not likely to recommend someone without prior experience. A well-written career change resume will be a strong support for the recommendation.

Preparation For Eventual Career Changes

You can be smart if you have the ability to see the possibility that you will need to change jobs in the future. You can initiate actions like volunteering in your company for projects that involve cross-discipline participation. You should also look out for intra-company transfer opportunities and consider multiple roles in different areas. It should not be difficult to gain cross-disciplinary experience, given that organizations tend to have fewer staff. You will be a “in-demand” candidate if you have a diverse knowledge base and a track record of accomplishments in each field.

Ron is semi-retired corporate executive with the current mission to help middle class Americans survive the “New Economy” after the recession.