Career Change That Will Work For You To Quit or Not To Quit

Mondays are the worst day of the week. Sometimes, you want to leave your cubicle and take on a job that you love. It’s difficult to compete with more experienced and younger applicants. It’s hard to believe that there is a career path that works for you.

You might not be getting the complete picture. It’s a fact that you don’t want to do the work you are doing now. Moving forward is a dead end. You will be disappointed no matter how high you climb the corporate ladder.

What are you supposed to do? Don’t be afraid to try and find a job that suits you. You can do more harm than sitting in the same cubicle for the rest of your life and eating the same food. You might be reluctant to step out of your comfort zone, or is it? Take this quick test to determine if it’s time for you to move on.

1. Do you find meaning in even the most difficult tasks?

Don’t get stressed out about your job or frustrated by the results of what you do as an employee. Keep trying. You may feel the need to change careers because of all the frustration and pressure you are feeling. If you are already tired and disinterested in maintaining your performance, this is another situation. If you are unable to care about the quality and efficiency of your output, it could be a sign you don’t want this job.

2. Are you concerned that your expertise is being paid?

Your skills are not sufficient to complete your tasks. This is a sign of a lack of motivation. If someone says you don’t have the skills to do your job, it’s a sign that you aren’t worthy and that you only want the money. You applied for the job to earn a living, right? No matter what they say, there is a line between greediness and being paid appropriately. If the former, you should seek out a solution that works for your needs and not take any risks.

3. Are you still finding your work interesting?

What are some things you look forward to in your job? Even if it’s difficult, if you are still passionate about your job, there will be things you can look forward to. If the things that you’re excited about don’t relate to your job, then maybe it’s time for another adventure.

4. How many times have your thoughts been triggered by the idea of quitting your job?

It’s possible to think of it once in a while when you are going through tough times. Is it too much, and you find yourself unhappy in everything you do? If the answer is yes, your case may be a sign that you need to do more with your time.

It is easy to answer this four-way question. The hardest part is actually doing something about your unhappy work life. Finding the correct career change for you is the first step.

Kate Ross-Myers is a New York-based human resource magazine. Her experience includes preparing resources for training, recruiting, and hiring. Kate speaks at conventions and forums on employee growth and wellness.