Cutting and Pasting Job Descriptions Could Get Your Resume Thrown Out

I’ve entered numerous inquiries recently from guests who suppose it’s a good idea to copy their current job description into their resumes and/ or copy the job description of the position they are applying for into their resumes.

I explosively recommend against both tactics.

1. Copying current job descriptions

Your current job description is just a list of job duties. The cardinal rule for resumes in moment’s job request is to write your capsule as a list of achievements and accomplishments, NOT as a list of job duties! I would go so far as to say that your job description has veritably little to do with what you actually do and negotiate in your position.
I will take myself as an illustration. The job description for my current position at the University of Wisconsin Law School says that I counsel scholars on their legal career hunt. It does not say what my success rate is, how creatively I work with scholars’ cover letters and resumes, or that I created a PowerPoint donation on Resumes for Law scholars. It does not mention the five job hunt resource primers I created for colorful big metropolises across the United States. It does not mention the positive feedback I get from the scholars I work with.

It’s my job to put these successes, which are nowhere to be set up in my job description, into my capsule. They speak much further to what I’ll negotiate in my coming position than that I” help scholars with resumes and cover letters.”
Guess what? You do not need your current job description to write your capsule. Just write about the effects you’ve really done that will be applicable and emotional to the anthology.

2. Copying unborn job descriptions

I am willing to go that a lot of people make this mistake. However, you’ll have a lot of company from people who don’t get called for interviews, If you make it too. Copying and pasting require no creativity and actually make it appear that you did NOT do the effects you claim you did. All it does is show a hiring director or HR person that you can cut and bury.

Rather, FIRST, write your capsule to punctuate your accomplishments. Produce the stylish document you can produce. After you have put together a great capsule, also see if there are small tweaks you can make to include some of the keywords from the unborn job description.
For a case, I later worked with a customer applying for an elderly IT Director position. The position description listed” Develop and authorize exceptions to policy.” His finished capsule didn’t have the expression” exceptions to policy” in it, but he worked with exceptions to policy regularly. He was suitable to add this expression into a formerly being pellet regarding his program operation accomplishments.

In general, when casting a winning capsule, verity and honesty are the stylish policy. Do not get lazy or suppose you are” working the system” by using the cut and paste functions on your keyboard. What will get you an interview is your unique accomplishments. Focus on those, and you’ll see success in your job hunt.