Five Dirty Interview Questions You Must Ace

One of these five interview questions might have prompted you to regret your answers. Here’s how to answer them with tact.

1. Why should we hire your services?

Although the question may seem obvious, it is probably the most difficult of all. It is not possible to take it with humor. It’s not possible to take it with another tired answer. This question is tricky because the hirer makes you anxious about the competition. The solution is to get over the jitters. As if you’re confident that the interviewer will hire you, you can give details about your accomplishments. If you feel the need, tell a short story. But don’t answer with adjectives.

2. We are pleased to see that you are currently employed. How did you manage to find the time to do this interview?

Something is gnawing in your stomach. He was really saying: “If your employer can be unfaithful, then there’s a good chance that you will be with us.” This is the most offensive of the five interview questions. It can be challenging to answer because of its accusative tone. Keep your cool. Keep your eyes on the reason you are looking for a better employer. Do not make a wrong impression of yourself or your company. And, most importantly, don’t pretend to be guilty. Answer the question politely. For example, you could say that you waited for openings at their company but were hired immediately after they announced the posting.

3. Warum, were you laid off/fired?

Rejection by your former employer can be a sensitive topic. Be calm, and don’t let your emotions get in the way of you answering questions. Use a neutral tone and sputter. Again, make sure to portray the experience as positive. You can start by saying, “The setup doesn’t work for my personality,” or “My personality doesn’t fit the company culture.” Then you can add positive comments or add a positive statement such as “I guess there are other jobs that suit me best.”

4. Which are your weak points?

This may seem ironic to some: you originally came to interview for a job. So why not tell them about your setbacks? It’s apparent that you must answer. Don’t get upset. Answering this question with a positive trait, even if it seems negative, is the best way to get the correct answer. Say, “Well, my mom said that I am very ambitious. For a while, I have been seeing that I have too many great ideas to improve my output. You don’t have to admit weakness or be incriminated if you acknowledge that you do sometimes get lazy. You will not be able to find a plus.

5. Can you explain why the sky is blue

For positions that require communication skills, such as sales or support, the last of the five interview questions will be more frequent. If you are an intelligent guy, you may try to explain to the interviewer about color frequency and other light theories. Perhaps blue is the easiest to reflect. If you’re not sure, you might find it safer to come up with your own reasons. This test does not seek to provide specific answers. This test is more about your creativity and how you react to nerve-wracking situations. Relax and behave as if you are talking to your little brother/sister.

Kate Ross-Myers is a New York-based human resource magazine. Her experience includes preparing resources for training, recruiting, and hiring. Kate speaks at conventions and forums on employee growth and wellness.