Five Steps to Job Fair Success

While you’ll need a vital capsule for any job fair, do not forget- attending a job show isn’t just about submitting your capsule. It’s about fraternizing and networking with the representatives of the companies and showing off your communication chops.

In order to do those effects confidently, you MUST do your schoolwork in advance and follow these five ways for a successful job fair experience.


UPDATE or produce your capsule. You’ll need a solid capsule to hand out to employers. Bring a plenitude of clones in a professional-looking brochure. The capsule clones can be on regular printer paper, but spending plutocrat on excellent capsule paper can help you make a great first print.


Exploration of the companies attending the fair. Learn about their open positions, charge statement, product lines, competition, and locales around the world. Produce a list of questions to ask the representative about the positions. Yes, you need to probe EACH company you’re interested in! This is a lot of work, but it’ll help you stand out from all the other people also trying to impress the babe.


DRESS professionally and produce a great first print by smiling, making eye contact, and forcefully shaking the hand of each beginner or employer you meet. Ladies wear a pantsuit or skirt suit and sensible dress shoes that are polished. Men wear a suit and tie and polished dress shoes.


Fraternize and NETWORK. Be ready to answer questions the representatives might ask you about your background, chops, and pretensions. Tell them how and why you’re a good fit for the position. Have a discussion with each rep about your education, degree, and significance; affiliated work and/ or levy experience; applicable assiduity associations that you are a member of; and professional interests and the kind of work you want to do.
Keep in mind that some employers may not take resumes. They will ask you to go online and apply. Understand that some companies are” paperless” and simply do with your socializing, networking, and your set questions. DON’T JUST WALK Down FROM THOSE, babe! You noway know what openings you’ll gain by networking with them. Eventually, ask about the coming step in the interview/ hiring process so you can prepare for it.


FOLLOW UP after the job fair with each employer you spoke with. Call or telegraph the representative. Identify yourself that you spoke at the XYZ job show on 123 dates at the XYZ position. Bring up the commodity-specific you talked about- perhaps a commodity you learned or a commodity that interested you. Communicate that you’re interested in the position and look forward to the coming stop in the process. Call or telegraph every 2 or 3 weeks to stay in touch.

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