Four Success Tips When Writing Your First Resume

A customer of mine who just completed her diploma approached me and asked how do you convince an employer you’ve got the right qualifications and abilities for the position you’re applying for if you do not have any experience in the field?

My client is not facing this on her own. I’ve observed a variety of new universities and polytechnic graduates who face the same problems when they are searching for their first job.

But, even if you don’t have any professional experience or just one or two internships, however, you are able to make a strong resume.

Here are some good examples:

Make sure you are focusing on transferable abilities.
If you believe that your short time as an intern doesn’t really matter, you may want to reconsider your position. The knowledge you gained while working as an intern could have prepared you and exposed you to your professional career better than you thought. If you’ve helped employees who were less experienced, for example, or participated in a mentor or mentoring program, you’ve got the experience to include on your resume. It is also possible to highlight your interpersonal skills, people skills, communication, customer service and capabilities. Nearly every employer appreciates these attributes. They could be your key success factor to be noticed by prospective employers.

Do your research and get a complete knowledge of the business.

It is essential to investigate the company you’re applying to. You can visit the site of the company to learn the details about its purpose and values, culture, strengths, and objectives for the company. Consider your educational background and abilities, which are in line with the company’s objectives and goals. Write at least three specific contributions you could make to the Company when you get hired.

Remark your achievements and accomplishments.

Note down your academic accomplishments and awards. Discuss how your accomplishments in these areas could be a significant contribution to your employer or increase your capacity to perform the task. If you can, request the testimonials of your teachers for the classes you’re taking.

Create a list of your extracurricular activities like mentorship programs, sports churches, school committees, etc. if you’re a member of one of these groups, you should highlight and explain your responsibilities and roles.

Make sure your resume is current.

Being a backup dancer alongside Justin Bieber won’t help you find the majority of jobs. Except if your employer is Justin Bieber, who is looking for someone with prior experience! Don’t include irrelevant information like your interests unless you are certain that they are essential to fill the job you’re applying for.

Create a customized resume for each job posting. Make sure you are honest with the information you supply. Be aware to ensure that the information you supply can be checked. Be concise, clear and straight to the point.

It is essential to make sure that your resume is properly organized, well written, and accurately written without punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes.

In a nutshell, remember that one size does not fit every time in the writing of resumes. Spend the time to write an impressive resume that stands out and shines the spotlight on your most marketable abilities and experiences, and you’ll have a better chance of having the best chance to get an interview and eventually getting the perfect job.

Regina has been a coach for career development with more than ten years of experience. Her expertise includes human resource and career counselling, as well as interviewing techniques, resume writing, and job search and focusing on job searching offline online, online entrepreneurship, and professional and social media.