Growing Occupations, Techies to Shoot Like a Rocket in 2013

Just as you thought the medics would take over the job market, we have just found out that technology professionals will be the most successful when it comes to growing occupations that are based on pay.

It will provide an excellent opportunity to gain technical knowledge in programming languages and web design for those looking to pursue a career in the future. Here are some job titles that will be successful this year.

1. Mobile applications developers

Online applications are becoming more popular not only from their laptops and personal computers but also via their smartphones. Mobile interaction is becoming more popular, so developers are in high demand who can adapt the apps for small screens. Their cost is now 9% higher.

2. Business intelligence analysts

Because of the fierce competition online and offline, the hiring of a business intelligence analyst is now a common trend. The fast-paced businesses are ignoring data clutters and need someone who can organize them and interpret it. Business analysts can expect to earn an additional 7.3% on top of their salaries.

3. Network architects

Network architects are responsible for designing the company’s communication infrastructure. This is one of the most demanding careers in technology. He oversees all aspects of communicating information and correspondence within and outside the company. The network architect is the third most popular occupation, and they will make 7% more because of the complexity of communication.

4. Interactive creative directors

This job requires a combination of leadership, technical expertise, creativity, and technical knowledge. Interactive creative directors have the delicate task of attracting attention and responding to the needs of their target audience. He also has to manage the team to achieve the desired output. An interactive creative director can get a 4.9% salary increase for this kind of challenging and critical work.

5. Interaction designers

Simply put, interaction designers are the guys who make every website and application responsive to the needs of a wide range of users. These people are responsible for understanding how users behave towards a product or program. This is why the job title Interaction Designer. These professionals will be able to grow as much as their directors with the rise of online and mobile audiences.

6. User experience (UX) designers

UX designers are responsible for the overall impression an application or website gives to its users. These professionals are friends with interaction designers and will help you move your software towards a better psychological understanding and social understanding of your user. They will also be less interested in technical details done by interaction experts. They can also expect an increase of 4.8% in their salaries, just like interaction pundits.

Bottom line: The growing occupations of today might not be the same tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential to apply for a job that makes your life less like work.

Melinda Edwards is a career consultant. She has been invited to many events and forums on human resource management. She is also a time management expert and effectively fulfills both her career as a mother and career woman.