How to Get the Best Out of a Bad Interviewer

Sometimes it’s not the person; sometimes, it’s the company.

Even the best-suited candidates may find it challenging to deal with prospects when fouls are made on them. It’s not always as easy to imagine corporate hosts being the best they can be. Here are some tips to get past any lousy interviewer.

The Busy Bee

The busy bee is very focused. The busy bee is very concentrated on his phone, his e-mails, and jotting notes. He will give you the impression that he doesn’t care about what you have to say. Once he asks for “pardon,” you will confirm your suspicions.

Although it may seem tempting to leave, the best thing is to not let him get on your nerves. Stop talking and save your time. If he’s not paying attention, pause and ask him if he would like to schedule the interview at a more convenient time. Be careful. This is how employers will likely treat you as an applicant if you are hired.

The Interrogator

The Interrogator is a terrible interviewer. It makes you feel more like you are in an interrogation chamber rather than inside a corporate office. You feel sweaty, and like you’re going to pee with every question he asks. You. He’s sure to be a good debater in the courts. Unfortunately, he is in the hiring department, asking you one question after another.

Calm down, and let him know that you aren’t influenced by your tone or pace. Be professional and take your time. Keep your cool when he makes a judgemental comment about you. Don’t let him get mad at you. Let it be you who creates a positive atmosphere in the conversation. It’s the only way you can win his approval.

The Psychoanalyst

The Psychoanalyst is one of the nicest people in the evil group. He may be irritating, however, as he will force you to answer stupid questions. It will feel like you are talking to a Carl Jung wannabe. Any rainbow connection can link manholes to computer programming.

All efforts to market your skills directly should be abandoned. Never show irritation when answering the alien. Once you have the opportunity, bring the conversation back to reality by asking job-related questions such as, “Sorry for interrupting, but I’m inquisitive about the job.” What is it that I need to do in order to be a good fit for this job?

The Lawbreaker

Illegal questions can be asked during an interview. These questions are about the applicant’s race, religion, and status. These questions may leave you with a trail of unpleasantness.

Before you call an attorney to sue the offender, it is essential to go through the hiring process smoothly. Even hiring staff are human beings. Sometimes they don’t know that they are asking prohibited questions. Be polite and talk briefly and objectively.

Bad interviewers can be a red flag to employers. Listen to your gut instincts if you feel that this person isn’t the only one with a bad attitude.

Melinda Edwards is a career consultant. She has been invited to many events and forums on human resource management. She is also a time management expert and effectively fulfills both her career as a mother and career woman.