How to Properly Qualify a Job

If you have got been a Hiring Manager for any length of time, you then understand the mission of hiring a new employee is a complex process. You also understand that occasionally the difficult part of hiring a brand new employee would not have anything to do with the actual applicant and candidate interplay.

Sometimes the difficulty is because your very own crew or employer no longer being in alignment with the requirements of the location, and the effects may be disastrous. Here is a tick list I have created, which has assisted in putting off many of these troubles.


Does everybody agree with the identity of the position?

Is there flexibility to the hours or region? Said otherwise, for the proper candidate could you be willing to be flexible on domestic-based vs. In-residence, operating out of some other workplace, working extraordinary hours than the relaxation of the team to deal with family wishes, and so forth.?

Have you confirmed along with your team what type of candidate will fit your needs first-class, including settlement, perm, or a temp-to-perm candidate? There are pros and cons for all choices, so be sure you take them into account!

Are all people in agreement with the revenue or hourly price? Have you shown this compensation to finance and your senior management as nicely?

Is there an exact beginning date? Clear, give an update if this is a contract or brief position.

Is there anything that would put this beginning date at risk? This is generally the area wherein I see most companies battle. There ought to constantly be an open dialogue as to what (no longer if – however, what) will place a beginning date at threat. Clients delaying initiatives is a reality. Funding being withdrawn is a fact. Always ask the query and recognize up the front what might also purpose a start date to slip or be canceled.


Have you seemed internal to fill this role? Have you ever crammed this role internally in the past? Would senior management, finance, or HR require you to appear internally earlier than looking for a person outside of the corporation?

Is there any hazard of a hiring freeze or a few other monetary freezes or put-off which could restrict you from hiring an external aid?


Does a Job Description exist for this function? If now not, do you have the ideal support to construct one? If you aren’t optimistic about wherein to start, do not worry; in my clinical recruitment world, I write many activity descriptions for my customers and move into more excellent info in a destiny article titled “How to jot down an Effective Job Description.”

Have you asked your department what the most vital task qualifications are? In many instances, a multiple laundry listing of job necessities will be surpassed by your team; however, perhaps handiest a handful of those necessities are essential. Be sure to have your crew prioritize their requirements, in addition to telling you which of them are pleasant to have; however, now not mandatory.

What character kind is your crew looking for? This goes properly past the process description but is critically essential. I see absolutely qualified candidates rejected day by day because they have been too bubbly or no longer bubbly enough, too chatty or no longer chatty sufficient, and many others.

How have the man or woman’s paintings been high-quality? Do you need a person who wishes to be controlled as part of a crew or works independently without checking in? Do you need a natural leader or a follower? Don’t anticipate what your team is seeking out – ask!

What sort of employer background does your team want the candidate to come back from? Individuals from smaller groups have unique mindsets than the ones from large corporations. Professionals learn different things depending on their past company (or non-corporate) stories, so discover what your team is looking for.

What kind of professional dreams do you want your new group member to have?

Remember that no longer only do you want to be clear on the strict requirements for the placement, such as the person’s competencies, stories, and schooling, but the tender necessities too, like character, work style, corporate heritage, and professional ambitions. Ask your team, make the word, and you’ll be friendly in your manner to include the proper new group member in your own working family.

Dedicated to Every Client’s success,

Angela Roberts