How to Resist When an Employer Gives a Counter Offer

So, you finally made the decision to tell your employer that you are unhappy with your job. Or you have a better job elsewhere. Your boss offered you the chance to stay in their nest and earn a higher salary. The throat was agape to answer.
Employers’ counter-offers were, of course, very tempting. As with all temptations, it is best to resist the urge to give in. You should not unless you are still open to the possibility of staying with the company. If given a great proposal (but that’s another risky situation), you don’t need to wait for your employers. You should get out as soon you say it. These possible scenarios will help you be ready to respond when the nerve-wracking suggestion comes.

1. After the offer, things will never be the same.

It doesn’t mean that you will have the same professional and personal relationships with your bosses or colleagues even if you agree to stay. Your infidelity will be remembered forever, and you may decide to leave again due to the damaged trust and relationship you have with those around you. Loyalty can also impact your evaluation as it could be a factor in determining whether you will be promoted or not.

2. What your boss thinks

“But, we were about to give you an increase. “Why don’t we consider this?”

Hang on. Be careful before you say yes to the proposal. It could be him trying to find a way to avoid being held responsible for losing an employee like you. At worst, it could be him inflating your situation to temporarily keep them from having to replace you. Employers use counter-offers to keep them from looking like misgiving bourgeoisies. It will be the immediate boss who will face the grilling if someone quits. It doesn’t matter if there is anyone you can trust. This is not paranoia, according to experts.

3. Skin-deep solutions

Why did you leave? Are you blaming the low pay or the fact that the company didn’t pay what you are worth? It could be a personal conflict. It could be a problem in the workplace. You can decline an offer for a salary increase if you feel that it won’t solve your problems. Pecuniary considerations are not necessary when you’re pursuing a career for a lifetime. Reasonable compensation won’t make you stay for more than a few weeks. You will be more likely to stay and work happily in a motivating environment.

4. The most luxurious resort

It doesn’t matter what you think, and it is all true. Accepting a counter-proposal is a sure way to commit career suicide, no matter what your view. Loyalty is the keyword. Once you have stated that you are unhappy with your employer, it’s too late for you to return. When all else is said and done, the best thing is to return to your cubicle, tidy up your desk, and smile. Then, look forward to a new career.

When employers make counter-offers, keep in mind three simple words: It won’t work.

Nelly Marshall, a veteran career author, has been producing career development materials for many recruitment agencies across the U.S. for more than ten years. His leisure time is spent in sports and photography.