How to Write a Good Management Consulting Resume



I want to apply to McKinsey, Bain, BCG, AT Kearney, and Roland Berger. I guess you could say that I’ve been an outstanding pupil, with a good set of extra-curricular conditioning as well. On the other hand, I don’t find that much good information on how to write an effective operation consulting capsule. Could you explain to me what an excellent operation consulting capsule should look like?

My reply

I tête-à-tête spent an excellent quantum of time optimizing my capsule( and cover letter) back in the days when I applied for Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, BCG, Roland Berger, AT Kearney, and AD Little. I ultimately got a first-round case interview assignment at each establishment( and got an offer at all but one).

By now, I’ve screened quite a good quantum of resumes at Bain & Company, so I’ll partake my ideas on how to write a compelling operation consulting class vitae. Dispensable to say that these ideas don’t only apply to Bain but also apply to McKinsey, BCG, and the suchlike. Likewise, keep in mind that anyhow of whether you’re an undergraduate applying for a business critic position or an MBA applying for an associate job, in the end, the below tips and tricks are mainly accurate ( therefore, anyhow on which entry position you’re using to).

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when you make your operation consulting capsule is to always keep in mind what the consulting establishment is looking for( and include this on your capsule). In the end, each consulting establishment is more or less looking for the same rudiments on your tablet. When I admit a tablet, the first thing I always do is simply check whether all crucial rudiments are demonstrated(instead backed with figures).

The coming question is also,” What are these’ rudiments’ that operation consulting enterprises are looking for?” In the following, I’ll give you an overview of each of these rudiments, and latterly bandy why each bone
is essential to an operation consulting establishment, and how you can best demonstrate your strong capability for each aspect.

The leading operation consulting enterprises are looking for five crucial rudiments in resumes.

Top employers and/ or famed universities
Excellent academic performance
Strong logical chops
substantiation of leadership and solid social chops
Extra-curricular conditioning

1. Top employers or famed universities

When you admit a capsule that says Harvard, Princeton, INSEAD, Cambridge, or the suchlike, it’ll incontinently stand out. In the end, an operation consulting establishment will be billing you out to its guests for several tens- of thousands of bones
a month, and for this reason, the customer will want to know about your background. However,’ your’ price label will, of course, be easier to justify, If the establishment also can say you have a BA from Yale and a Mama from Harvard. Likewise, being suitable to say you studied at one of these top universities also shows that you have formerly passed a delicate selection process to get into the specific academy, which of course, previously well demonstrates your capabilities. Anyhow of this, you don’t need to have studied at an Ivy League university to get a job in operation consulting. In case you come from one of the numerous good universities in your country, you’ll surely also make a shot at MBB. It’ll still also be indeed more important to be really satisfied and to easily show your determination to work in operation consulting.

Coming to renowned universities, the operation consulting establishment will also be looking for top employers on your CV. In case you’re a youthful graduate, this will also be an externship at a top employer, and in case you would be an educated hire, they will indeed be looking for former(relatively high-profile) work gets at some of the world’s top employers. exemplifications of similar top- employers would include Google, Microsoft, Apple, P&G, Exxon Mobil, Merrill Lynch, etc. Again, you don’t inescapably need to have worked at one of these companies to land an interview at MBB, but it would surely give you an advantage in getting that impcrucialrst interview. For this reason, if you’re allowed to work in operation consulting, try to do at least one externship in a leading pot, as it’ll be a great experience but also look veritably good on your capsule.

2. Excellent academic performance

It’s greexcellentf course if you have studied at Harvard or Yale, but if you there were one of the weakest performing pupils of your time, also this has a far lower meaning. An operation consulting establishment will be looking for the strongest scholars of the time to concentrate their recruiting sweats on. In the end, recruiting does bring quite a lot of plutocrats, and the establishment knows that they will have a better chance of chancing good eventuality hires if they concentrate on scholars with an excellent academic track. The operation consulting establishment will surindeedok at your result each time, but the weight( of significance) is surcertainlyvanced for your last time at the university. Keep in mind that uncertainly you apply for MBB to get a position as an assiduity hire, your university results will count. EasQuicklyu should noway lie about your marks, but in case you had one badwrongme, you could hide your redevelopment, replacing it with an aggregate score multiple times together( in case this would be better).

3. Strong logical chops

As an adviser, you’ll always need to be veritably logical( and structured) on the job. For this reason, an operation consulting establishment will be on the lookout for people that have demonstrated solid analytical chops, for the case through excellent grades for calculation/ wisdom courses, or indeed better through a high score for( one of the standardized) tests similar as SAT, GRE or GMAT. These tests make it easy for the establishment to compare your score with other aspirants, and obviously, they will be looking for those with scores that are well below normal( however, there’s no specific cut-off). For this reason, it’s essential to on your capsule include these scores and demonstrate your solid logical chops.

4. substantiation of leadership and solid social chops

Graduating from a top university or having had a top position at one of the world’s leading pots, together with nonstop solid performance and excellent logical chops, will make you an intriguing seeker for an operation consulting establishment. Still, you’ll also need to demonstrate strong social and leadership chops on your capsule to make you an excellent seeker. In the end, an adviser needs to work frequently away with the customer to produce results, and good social skills will be crucial then. Likewise, you’ll need to demonstrate your leadership chops, as the establishment also wants to know whether you can manage and steer a customer platoon or( potentially at an after-stage) your associates. For this reason, you should indeed include systems events where you demonstrated strong leadership and social chops. This could be an( important) event that you have organized, a( small) business you had set up with your musketeers while you were a pupil, etc. Keep in mind that if you have a veritably technical background( illustration Math major at MIT), you should make more proof of your social and leadership chops indeed on your capsule.

5. Extra-curricular conditioning

It’s undoubtedly possible that you formerly included some extra-curricular conditioning on your capsule to demonstrate your social and/ or leadership chops, as bandied over. Anyhow of this, try to suppose( further) about the ten most essential/ emotional achievement systems in your life( it can take a fair quantum of time to make an excellent top ten) and suppose about which bones
you would include on your capsule. The rule on what to include is simple; if you feel it would be precious to bandy during a case interview( or have your canvasser be apprehensive of it), then you should include it; else, not. Exemplifications could, for the case, be an award-winning paper you wrote, your selection for the( Under 21) Olympics ice skating platoon, a(primary) summer course you shared in, etc. These don’t really fall under the four orders over but would nevertheless be good additions to your capsule.

Other effects to keep in mind when developing your capsule

1) Keep in mind that your capsule should show excellent performance every single time. You don’t want the CV to be allowing that you had a weak performance during one or two particular times. Ensure each time looks emotional; if you had one softer time at university, suppose about specific effects you realized that time to compensate for the weaker marks.

2) Also keep in mind the formatting( or design) of your capsule. It surely does count, and the reason for this is simple. To make a simple analogy, Imagine buying a beautiful diamond ring for your fiancé and putting it in a tinderbox box. This would kill the entire experience, and the reason is simply that the package does count. In the end, the design of your capsule does, to an extent, say commodity about you. An operation consulting establishment is looking for a well-structured and’ clean’ person. Thus ensure your capsule is well-formatted to demonstrate these values. It should be easy- to read( or skim- through) and appealing to the eye. Keep in mind still that an enormous quantum of different formats could surely work. The most important thing still is that your major accomplishments are easy to read.

3) Incipiently, surely keep in mind to include your language proficiency. Where in the US, it’s frequently good enough to master English, it’s always great to be suitable to show you also speak Spanish or indeed Chinese. In European countries, it’s generally needed in operation consulting to speak at least two languages( native language & English), and more languages are indeed more of a perk in Europe.