How To Write A Good Resume by Painting a Picture of an A-Player Employee

If you’re interested in learning how to write an effective resume, keep in mind that employers don’t want to find a great employee, they are looking to find the most qualified employee. Every hiring boss who is, in reality, an employee would like to hire a one-in-a-million candidate and seem like a celebrity to their employer. The thing you’re conducting during your interview is to present an image of total capability and high potential. You would like to be that star player bosses wish they could get many more of but have decided to stop doing.
In determining how to write a great cover letter, there are three points to be aware of to help you position yourself as an A-player.

1. Look professional, Savvy

An A-player isn’t an employee that is on the job, works their work hours and receives the monthly wage. A-players are all over the place and not much more.

Employers are amazed by a candidate that has the potential to have an exciting future within the business. Not someone who’s only going to be delivering coffee for the rest of their life but someone with an edge and even the potential to pursue jobs in higher management.

2. Be clear about the Bottom Line

You must demonstrate that you are aware that the position is not just an employment opportunity. It’s a benefit to the business. They expect that it will translate into profit, and there is nothing more satisfying than an employee who recognizes this. Use their native language. Utilize it in a manner that indicates you’re on the same level.

3. Release a Track Record of Offering Value

Understanding the bottom line is a huge thing and can result in more fantastic results is demonstrating your track record of creating results in other businesses or having achievements in your personal life that produce the same outcomes in a business environment. Also, if you can demonstrate how your knowledge regarding the importance of the bottom line resulted in outcomes in the past, you’ll stand apart as an A-player and make a hiring supervisor excited.

One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to make sure you communicate quantifiable values that are associated with your achievements (I discuss ways to achieve the same in my books). When managers think about investments and money, it’s difficult for them not to be amazed by the figures.

The ability to become an A-player is in your reach if you know how to promote yourself, and you must begin to develop the practice of knowing how to craft a great resume that contributes to the mindset of an A-player as they will make a difference in your career and in your life. It is easy to market an image that you are able to feel a connection to.

Are you able to offer suggestions for writing a great resume that shows yourself as a top employee? Contribute and add your thoughts below.