Is Your Resume Helping Or Hindering The Job Search

How have you been looking for an opportunity to work? What sort of feedback have you received? If you’ve submitted your resume for several positions but getting very little response, It could very likely include your CV.

Based on my experiences as an experienced Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) that has dealt with customers across the entire spectrum of industries, I’ve observed that a strong, well-written, and targeted resume can be the base of a successful job hunt. Here are a few advantages:

A simplified process for submitting job applications (i.e., no editing or tweaking in between submissions)

Constant streaming of conversations.

Interviewers can be provided with an assortment of your career highlights which can be easily turned into talk points, giving you the opportunity to explain your best skills.

There are three situations that are common to all job seekers. They also provide the truth about the significance of your resume.

1) No Interviews

Every job seeker has a personal view of what constitutes a reasonable quantity of job interviews; no is ever okay and could point to major issues in your resume. Watch out for these signs:

Ineffective Targeting: Is the resume designed to be universally applicable? Most general resumes are not likely to receive interviews. Set your goal for employment to 1-2 positions, and make sure that every part of your resume highlights the skills that are in high demand.

Unacceptable Structure: Recruiters, as well as hiring agents, are very particular regarding the format of resumes. In essence, your resume needs to be able to contain an introduction paragraph. It should also include a job background that distinguishes responsibility (in paragraph format) from achievements (in bullet points), as well as brief closing sections with information about qualifications, education, etc. If your resume doesn’t meet these requirements, the resume is likely to be rejected.

Compatibility Problems Incompatibility Issues: MS Word templates can cause many problems when it is viewed using different kinds of software and versions. Take out any complicated graphics and logos. Remember that your resume’s success or failure is solely on its content.

2) Interviews That Don’t Result in Job Offers

A well-written resume is a stage for a successful interview. Indeed, many of the complaints that applicants are faced with following a disappointing interview, like having difficulty connecting to the interviewer and needing to discuss irrelevant issues, all stem from issues with their resumes. If you’re in this category, you should examine your resume for these concerns:

Lack of concrete successes Job postings that are recent, especially those that have been held for the past 10-12 years, should be accompanied by a “Key Accomplishments” or similar section that lists major achievements. It is important to look for the metrics (if available) for these accomplishments – they can make a significant impact on your interview.

Too Many Jobs that aren’t relevant. It’s fine to have jobs that span multiple categories and industries; however, nobody says that you must assign them all the same importance on your resume. Which are the jobs that are most crucial? Let them dominate the resume’s space, and then cut out those that aren’t important.

3) Low-Ball Job Offers

The phone rings, and it’s a job ad! But the only problem? The pay isn’t as good as the amount you earned in your previous position. Do not make the mistake of settling for something that doesn’t value your capabilities. Instead, tighten your CV instead. Look out for these:

Words that reflect leadership There are two ways to approach the wording in a resume. One is to make things as clear as you can, like “Managed multiple projects within deadlines and guided various teams.” The second option is to modify every concept with an eye toward leadership, for example, “Spearheaded multiple projects within aggressive deadlines, mentoring project teams and offering key insights.” What approach do you think will lead to better job opportunities?

An effective resume that is well written has repeatedly proven to decrease the time it takes to find a job and increase the amount of money you earn. Please feel free to reach out to me for any concerns or questions you might have. Good good luck!