Job Hopping From a Revolutionized Applicant Viewpoint

Exactly. A rolling stone does not gather moss. After five years of slaving in the same cubicle, who wants to collect moss? Moss loves to eat talents. My lichens will not go to waste.

No matter what your dad may say about job hopping or staying in one company for at least two years, they won’t be joining you any sooner. Here are some reasons why you should be a hopper, despite the old proverbial advice to stay in your cubicle no matter what the odds.

1. Faster Skills Development

Why are you hesitant to move? Are you a true lover of your job, or are you afraid that you won’t be hired by another company? If the former, you should start thinking about how you can find a new career that you love. Plan. If you don’t want to be broke in the months or even years ahead, don’t send out your resignation. It doesn’t matter how scared you may be; rolling stones are more likely to learn new skills because they interest you and not because they are your only option. You can’t help but perform better at each job because you want to get hired for the next.

2. Old ways don’t work anymore

Although it is true that employers reward dads who are loyal to them more, this may not be true for you. Today’s job market is very different from what it was in the past. Companies are increasingly being asked to be flexible and fast-paced, particularly in the technology sector. You will be faced with unpleasant surprises if you can’t quickly adapt to this age of mass layoffs and reorganization.

Some simply adapt to the 21st century. Others continue to listen to the 19th century.

3. Give more to your next company

Do you think you will grow if you do the same thing over and over? We doubt it.

Now we have the gal who says that staying too long can lead to both personal and professional rot. You won’t be able to learn and grow faster if you have roots in one company. You will be more excited to try new things and move around when you have a job. Your ideas from other companies can help the next employer grow.

4. Never Feel Being Stuck

It’s that feeling you get when you feel sick from the daily routine. It is not healthy for your body and mind. It is only a sign that something is causing you pain. You can get rid of it and come back later if necessary.

5. Leverage

Leverage and accomplishments are the keys to unlocking all doors of opportunity. Networking is key to unlocking the hidden job market. Even though you know that you are doing well, there is no reason to worry about being fired because you have changed jobs. Continue to grow your network and show people that you excel at every position.

Yes, job hopping is absurd. It does provide some support to be able to say you are making progress towards your goals and not just collecting moss.

Nelson Mullins was a former expert in corporate hiring and recruitment. He regularly writes articles about resumes, writing resumes, personality development, and general career topics. He is the father of three children and enjoys biking and photography. Nelson believes that, even though the job market is a race for applicants, it’s essential to remain open to new ideas and to continue to grow your career.