Making a Flawless and Powerful Copyeditor Resume

To be a copyeditor, you must have tremendous syntactic ability. Everyone expects you are perfect, even hiring managers with limited knowledge of your area. The problem is that perfection is impossible.

You might be the one applicant who is convinced that copyediting jobs are not for everyone. Herein lies the problem. It’s challenging to deal with an industry that expects writers and editors to submit a better-looking resume. However, the art of crafting words is ingrained in all fields of interest.

How can you make your copy stand out despite all the expectations? Simple. It’s simple. It is not about being the best candidate. It is often as easy as self-projection. These simple but effective tips can help you improve your papers.

1. Be objective

Do you need to say more? You must be impartial in your application for the job. Respect the writing style of others if you want to be hired. Employers will see if you are objective when they look at your resume. So be careful about writing about passions, styles, and specializations. They should be mentioned, but not so much that it might make them think you aren’t open to other options.

2. Mention your affiliations, and place emphasis on them

As many organizations as possible and get involved in them. You can benefit from a variety of seminars that will help you get up to speed. They can keep you on the right track with new knowledge in the writing industry. They keep you updated with the latest styles and trends. Potential firms will be interested in your active affiliations. They probably knew about your activities, especially if the group is a national one.

3. Talk about pressure-handling, and other related virtues

Editorial work is only possible if you are able to manage multiple tasks and stress effectively. Every article must be ready for publication. Either you complete it on time, or you fail. It’s an understatement to say you will have many responsibilities. Many people don’t realize how much copyeditors have to sacrifice. Let the world know that you are aware of the hardships you will face while you hold the position.

4. Your writing style and grammar should be checked

Double-check it. A poorly formatted resume will make it difficult for a hiring manager to review. Make sure you use clear grammar and understandable statements to show that you are aiming for the right audience. Don’t try to impress by using fancy words. Write as formal as you speak.

5. Be careful

Editing is one of the most challenging jobs on earth. We warn you against thinking you are only interested in this job for the money. Only people who are passionate about the job will survive in this industry.

Kate Ross-Myers is a New York-based human resource magazine. Her experience includes preparing resources for training, recruiting, and hiring. Kate speaks at conventions and forums on employee growth and wellness.