Making a Resume Why Targeted Resumes Get Results

What is a targeted resume?

Targeted resumes are written specifically for one specific job. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the employer, as stated in the specifics of the job.

Employers promote their open positions in various ways and usually provide the job title, description and job requirements. Sometimes, they will provide additional skills that they’re looking for top applicants.

When you write your resume, the best chance of getting the job is to make sure you include only the things employers will assess your application against their standards.

On the other hand, the most effective way to not be thought of is to include an assortment of things that isn’t connected with the position you are applying for.

Here’s an illustration of what I am referring to. Take a look at the job description and requirements below for Magicians.

Job Description
Perform on-demand close-up magic at a local restaurant. Other responsibilities consist of serving beverages.

Job Requirements

It is essential to be able to do magic tricks using playing cards
It is essential to be able to create illusions using coins
It is essential to be able to accept and deliver drinks orders
It is essential to be able to be able to count and change
Desired skills for highly qualified candidates

Two years of experience performing sleight-of-hand magic using playing decks in front of an audience
Two years of performing sleight-of-hand magic using the use of coins before an audience
Ability to carry large trays of drinks as you navigate obstacles that are stationary or moving
Excellent understanding of bartending terms
Let’s examine the abilities found on a couple of resumes of candidates who are seeking this position.

Generic Resume Application

Five years of experience in rope-and-knot magic
Two years of experience in instructing magicians in close-up illusions
Three years of experience in performing magical acts on stage
Three years of waiting tables experience
Five years of bartending experience
Application for a Targeted Resume

Close-up magic was performed every day of the week for the past three seasons for XYZ Company.
Held Magician certification for both coin and playing card trickery for the last two years
Two out of three times at Acme Restaurant
Grand Champion in the Waiter Games in 20XX, required to run an obstacle course that included a full serving tray
Gold Certified bartenders from Bartender’s Certificate
If you were hiring a supervisor, who would you pick?

You might be shocked to find out that both resumes come from the same individual.

A Generic Resume is what most applicants send out, and that is why the majority of applicants do not succeed.

A Targeted Resume is a resume that successful candidates submit. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements that the prospective employer has.

For the successful creation of an application for a job, be sure to show your capabilities in a way that satisfies the demands of the position you are seeking. Make sure you choose the right words to emphasize the value you can offer the prospective employer.

A great resume requires time and effort. For more than a quarter of a century, I’ve never seen more than one hundred in one hundred resumes in which applicants have made an effort to match every talent they possess to the requirements of the job they’re applying for.

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