Never Underestimate the Value of a Thank-You Letter

In a recent piece, I highlighted the importance of managing anxiety before interviews. It’s not a secret that an interview can be stressful no matter how well you’ve prepared. You’ll need to perform in a difficult environment.

Were you composed? Did you respond to all of the questions clearly and concisely? Did the interviewer exude any positive feelings about you? Did the interviewer seem to be preoccupied with matters relating to your family? There are too many variables that could impact the final outcome of any conversation.

If you’re a candidate, you’ll have an important instrument to help you overcome any doubts or bad impressions that are left in the wake. This is a note of thanks.

Clarify your ideas

Writing a thank, you note after an interview lets you give your argument in a completely controlled atmosphere with no anxiety or pressure. You’re clear in your thinking, and it’s your chance to convey your message in a positive manner that may not have been observed or communicated during the interview.

It’s also a thoughtful and considerate gesture to the person who took the time to visit with you. Employers do not just consider an appreciation letter to be a great idea but actually require one. It makes them feel loved and valued. It indicates that you’re an applicant who is committed to the organization and is serious about the job.

A chance to wind

Interviewers are able to meet a wide range of candidates throughout the course of the week. After only an hour, it’s nearly impossible to identify and connect abilities and qualities with each candidate. Due to the strain on company resources, a person interviewing is as stressed as any candidate he meets. The way you present yourself, your gestures, and your impressions are quickly lost. The positive impression you made during your interview will eventually be changed into a plethora of confusing, obscure notes.

If you write a thank-you note after your interview, you are able to reaffirm your skills, abilities, and the value you bring to the company. The opportunity is given to demonstrate, in the event of being selected, how your company can benefit from your immediate contribution. The information you provide will help explain your argument that you’d be a great asset to the business.

Professionalism is the name of the game.

With raging competition for every corporate job ad, smart job seekers want to stand out from their competitors. If you take the time to express gratitude to the interviewer for taking the time to meet you, you create positive emotions, as is not typical in today’s chaotic and fast-paced world. An email thanking you for an interview also proves confidence and self-assured candidate – characteristics that employers admire. The note could even inspire the interviewer to review your resume, increasing your position before a final decision is taken.

If you believe that a negative judgment has been made already about you, why would you waste time and effort creating an acknowledgment letter? I urge you not to undervalue the impact that could result from this crucial piece of writing.

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