Personal Brand and the Resume Determining Your Value Proposition

Resume Differentiation

In the current competitive marketplace for jobs, it’s vital to stand out from the other candidates regardless of whether they’re powerful or not. You’ll need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. One of the most effective methods to distinguish yourself from the crowd is making a brand statement for yourself.

Personal Brand Message

Your personal brand is simply what you are able to offer potential employers. Your brand’s statement must be concise and clear. Your customers must be able to comprehend it in five seconds or less. This will allow readers to comprehend and remember it.

Value in Your Brand

One of the most important factors in creating your brand’s image is your value proposition. Many job applicants and resume writers concentrate on factors like years of work experience, educational qualifications, as well as soft abilities. The issue is that there is nothing special about any of these items. In this case, many candidates have a minimum of 10 years of work working experience, a bachelor’s education, as well as being committed and hardworking. These items are nice; however, they are not always worth it for employers.

Defining Value

So how do you decide your worth? Begin by focusing on your accomplishments that other people weren’t able to accomplish. Think about some of the examples below:

As a developer, you may have solved an issue with software that had been a problem for enterprise software for many years.
As a project manager, you were hired to manage failed projects, and you were able to consistently get the team to complete the scope as well as milestones as well as deliverables for this project.
As a CIO was capable of putting together an entirely new IT organization model that allowed you significantly improve the quality of service and reduce costs.

The Value Proposition

All of these elements create value. Additionally, they can be utilized as a basis to create a compelling value proposition. Developers can showcase their ability to resolve difficult problems that impact global business. The project manager can market themselves as turnaround expert. The CIO can present themselves as an organizational change and transformation leader.

Many candidates are concerned about being labelled a “pigeon” in their job hunt when they identify themselves in this way. The problem is that it reduces their chances. In reality, what it does is to create a picture of who they really represent and their can offer. They are more than a commodity. This is essential. Keep in mind that commodity prices are determined by demand from the market. All commodities are priced at the same price because all commodities are identical. This strategy tells the company that you’re not like the other with respect to any other company. You’re unique. You’re valuable. You’re entitled to a greater amount of compensation since you’re worthy of it.

Stephen is ITtechExec, who is the “Go To” Personal Branding Strategist for engineering, IT manufacturing, telecommunications medical device, call centers and other STEM/technical specialization professionals. In converting technical skills and leadership successes into a consistent, clear message that is meaningful to recruiters and business executives, Stephen generates at least 5x ROI for resumes of job-seekers and covers letters, LinkedIn profiles, bios and other social media platforms.