Professional Looking Resumes

You are not ready to start writing your resume. Before you can even start to write, there are several steps to take. If you want to build a successful career in Information Technology (IT), it is important to have a professionally designed resume. Although IT jobs are plentiful, not everyone can afford one. A professional-looking resume is always better than a more traditional-looking resume, especially when it comes to government jobs.

First things first

All information about your schooling and past employers should be gathered. First, gather information such as addresses and telephone numbers of your past employers. Also, find out who you can contact for more information. The employer will want to know your job duties and responsibilities. However, it is how you write them that will attract their attention.

Employers will tell if your words are too witty. Employers will not hire someone they think is smarter than them, especially in IT jobs or government jobs that require basic computer skills.

Look through the help-wanted and classified sections of your local newspaper or any other job postings for free. Employers looking to hire outside their company prefer to post jobs in newspapers and other free places than to go through an employment office.

You will find jobs in your field of expertise quickly, so it is important to have a resume.

Let’s get started

It is a good idea to find a company that can create a professional-looking website. There are many jobs that require resumes to be created for other jobs. However, these companies often charge a fee and aren’t cheap.

Include the basics: your name, address, and telephone number. Email is optional. You can list your previous employers, your duties, and pay grades, as well as ideas you might have developed and put into practice if you were still employed. Employers will be impressed by this information and believe that you are your own person and go above and beyond the tasks, you have been assigned. This is what employers really love.

Make sure to read the qualifications required for any job that you apply for. Employers won’t hire you if you lie to them about your experience. This is not a good idea for IT jobs or government jobs. False resumes can lead to termination or dismissal, and depending on the job, it could even lead to arrest.

Don’t over-fill a resume. It could end up costing you dearly. Employers expect some filler in the resumes of applicants. Just don’t make that obvious. It is important to express yourself in the way you desire. You don’t have to follow these rules to create the perfect resume. There are only perfect candidates.

Mohit writes for SubmitResume, a job portal. SubmitResume gives job seekers and employers access to unlimited resumes and job postings.