Referral Cover Letters

Due to the increase in job opportunities, the job hunt has also gotten more competitive. So, for a limited amount of jobs, we get many applications, as well as the employer, is flooded with applications. Therefore, to review these applications, the recruiter applies various criteria like under-qualification, over-qualifications, salary expectations as well as recommendations and thus, reduces the number of applications to a manageable level. This reduces the number of applications received and thus, eases the employer’s responsibility to look through every resume and cover letter.

Important referral letters:

The letters of recommendation come from an authority or relative with authority to endorse the individual candidate for the job. The person who is recommending the candidate can be a top or respected authority from any company. The person who recommends the candidate has an extensive understanding of the applicant and is able to provide his own opinion on the candidate’s skills and performance. When creating your referral cover letters, you must remember the following aspects.

Tips for writing referral cover letters:

Consider the person with the authority to offer your recommendation. Make sure you will be able to present your picture to the prospective employer.

Choose one with great personal favor to your needs and a strong persuasive ability that can influence your reader considerably. Thus when you have decided on the proper authority, contact the person and present your query in relation to the same.

Make sure that the person you are talking to will give positive feedback to your advantage. This could be an authority from your previous location. You can also receive a letter from the human resource department too.

Make sure to include “to whom it could be addressed on the letter because the person who recommends the candidate is not personally responsible for his or her conduct and doesn’t possess any personal interest in the candidate he is recommending. Present your skills professionally, and your recommendations should be trustworthy and credible.

Don’t over-proclaim. Provide a true and honest assessment of the candidate and emphasize his most important qualities, capabilities, and outstanding accomplishments at his work. Thus being able to judge the applicant on sound bases will definitely help convince employers about his ability to be a good fit for the position.

Admire the honesty and trustworthiness of these candidates. You should also be aware of his consistent performance and continuous learning that helps demonstrate the ability to adjust to changing conditions and be flexible in resolving problems related to the position.

Do not give prejudicious or biased impressions regarding the candidate. Be specific and precise in describing the qualifications of the candidate and perform a favorable favor to the candidate. Be sure to convince your employer to hire him by showing his exceptional talent and knowledge in the field.

Make sure you follow a formal letter format and include every essential aspect like addresses of pertinent individuals, salutation, date and job titles, designations, as well as the company’s name. Make sure you mention your relationships with the person applying.

Ask the employer to look through the information provided as well as the CV of the applicant that will help them evaluate his character in the context of this knowledge. Therefore, your letter must have the impact necessary and convince readers to look up the information of the candidate thoroughly.
Referral letters can help to bring an added benefit for you in the form of a person who can endorse your candidacy. This can help the employer evaluate applications and increase the chances of receiving an interview.