Resume Tips - How To Beat the Resume Black Hole

The Resume Black Hole

I’m sure that everyone has experienced the nightmare of the resume black hole at one point or another. It happens when you have sent out dozens of applications only to receive nothing. It’s as if your resume was sent to the same place that the wrong socks and one-hit wonder bands go to. It’s extremely annoying, and how can we stop this from occurring?

Large Job Boards Don’t Work Well.

The reason why large job boards don’t function effectively is that you and thousands of others are applying for the exact same job. Many of them aren’t qualified for the job. They apply nonetheless by using the shotgun method.

Since we’re working with such a large number and the probability of a hiring manager spotting your resume among a pile of this size is very low, even in the event that your resume isn’t high-end.

But, if you look for jobs on smaller regional or specialty job sites, Your resume could be competing against as few as 50 or 100 applicants. Therefore, you may be ten times more likely to receive an interview because you’re reducing the pool of applicants.

Get on LinkedIn and Get Going

The majority of job openings are filled with networking. Let me repeat that. In all positions that are open, including those you see advertised on job boards, 80percent are filled via networking. What does this mean? It means that you should begin to meet people and talk to friends who know the business they are employed by. Go to the sites of the companies that employ your friends, and look for jobs that are open. Do not contact your friend and ask for a recommendation. Contact them, and say that you were interested in a job at the firm he or she is employed at and inquire about their opinion about their experience working for them. Asking questions and showing interest can open up a dialogue since the majority of people don’t mind even a little bit of discussion about their jobs. Only after a bit of friendly banter do you suggest a referral. Be aware that they’ll be putting their reputation in danger to provide this service to you. So show respect when they are hesitant because they might reconsider.

You’re probably wondering, “so all the jobs posted on big job boards are just a waste of time?”. Actually, this is how it typically happens: You come across the job description on a massive job board, and you reply, “hey, my friend Dave works for that company”. You submit your application. However, you also contact Dave, your buddy Dave and he’ll inform the hiring manager a heads-up to check your resume. Voila! This is how the majority of job openings are filled through networking. The job board is, first and foremost, to advertise the job. The rest is yours to decide!

If you’re in the middle of a job search struggle, the resume is your weapon. Do not go into battle with a dull, old and worn-out resume. Think about having your resume professionally designed to help you make your mark in the crowd.