The Perfect Mining Resume

Mining is the most talked about topic of this moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking the opportunity to work as a contractor. Numerous people are focusing on this field, and with good reasons. The positions are highly paid and can be performed in blocks which means that you get time at home with your loved ones. It is because of this that mining jobs are desired. Many people have the impression that the mining industry is in desperate need of employees. Sometimes they might be, but generally, there is a huge workforce of skilled mining professionals who are skilled and knowledgeable, which makes it hard for outsiders to join.

The way you tackle the mining industry is vital. When you answer advertisements in the paper or online, you’ll be competing with knowledgeable and skilled miners who will challenge you to the top spot every time. In some instances, companies will advertise to hire “green” staff who have not worked in mines prior. In other cases, you can utilize recruitment agencies or cold calling to make your case.

So, what can you do to stand out when you apply for mining jobs?

Electronic Format:

A majority of jobs will be posted and administrated through the Internet. Your resume should be able to conform to this format. It should look professional when being read online and clearly convey your details. Tips include making sure the font size is not too large or small as well as ensuring that attachments don’t hinder uploading, and ensuring that you keep colour and presentation in a clear layout.

Practical Skills:

Create and provide a summary of your abilities at the start of your resume. It should include any practical skills you have to offer, for example, fabrication, plant operation welding, maintenance and welding. If you’ve worked in training or the management of staff, ensure that you include this in the same at the same time.

Work History:

Make sure you clearly outline your professional history, which includes years, years of service, and position. For each job, you have to provide that you have at least four or five points in the actual everyday tasks you’ve completed. If you’re new to mining, then consider the tasks you’ve completed which are pertinent and/or comparable.


Referees are an important part of your resume. It is the way that a potential employer can confirm your ability to accomplish a particular job. Consider the job you’ll play in the mining industry and select people who can confirm this. You may know someone that is employed in mining; make them a reference that you’re able to be employed in the mining industry.

Safety The safety:

If there’s one thing that mining companies value over all others, it’s safety. If you’ve completed any task that is related to safety or be a part of a committee or followed safety protocols, it is vital to record this. Any aspect related to risk assessment and hazard analysis, as well as following safety processes or systems, is crucial.


Mining companies want to know that once they are done operating a specific piece of equipment, they can help workers or take on labouring jobs. The more versatile you can be, the more useful you can be to the business.

Mining companies are designed to perform one task – production. The company would like to know if you can perform at your highest level over long periods of time without risking security. It is essential to demonstrate you can work from your home, adhere to the rules and function in an interdisciplinary team. Finding a job in the mining industry is achievable if you are persistent and you present a professional, focused and specific resume.

John Matthews from The Writing Wizards has helped more than 10,000 potential clients to find jobs over the past ten years. This was accomplished by creating professional resumes, government applications and coaching during interviewing for ten years.