Top 5 Checklist - Make Sure Your Resume Passes an Initial Scan

The process of writing your resume can be an intimidating job. Employing an experienced resume editor can reduce some of the stress that comes with the writing of your resume, as they are the ones who know what to write and not do. Should you decide to do it on your own, Here’s a top five checklist to guide you.

1.) As a potential recruiter,

would you be able to tell from the scan of 15 seconds the kind of job this candidate was seeking? If not, then go back and edit your resume to include your desired job in mind.

2.) Does your resume appear pleasing to the eye?

Does it grab your attention and hold your attention? Things like fully justifying the text and making sure that all your headings match (the same size of the font, centering, and so on) will make a huge difference in making your resume visually appealing.

3.) Did you provide all the contact information you need?

Do all pages have your name? Your page’s header must include your complete name, physical address, telephone number, and email address. I recommend including cell numbers on resumes as you generally have more control over the incoming message. Home voicemails tend to be more focused on family and are not as professional in sound. If your resume contains more than one page long, the header on page 2 or the footer should include your name and, at a minimum, your email address and telephone number in the event that your pages are separated from one another.

4.) Is your CV contain the essential keywords that will be noticed from an applicant-tracking software (ATS)?

Many large and midsized businesses employ some form of ATS for organizing and storing information about applicants. These systems are built to recognize and categorize resumes in accordance with specific keywords for jobs. When you apply for a job, look over the job description to find keywords and make sure that your resume is filled with keywords. Make use of your summary and your sections on professional skills and experience to do this.

5.) Are your resumes scanner-compatible?

It’s not just crucial to make sure that your resume contains relevant keywords, but it should also be compatible with the visual recognition (OCR) software which converts your resume into an electronic file. The unneeded use of irregular bullets, strange fonts as well as excessive formatting should be avoided. Make sure you take care not to use dark backgrounds with white font because it will be interpreted as a shaded region by OCR software. It is best for your resume to be tidy and easy to make sure that what an employer or recruiter manager reads is exactly what you intended to see.

The recruiters look over hundreds of resumes per week. Your resume will have only 15 seconds to get their interest. Professional resume writers can assist in keeping your resume at the top of the list and improve your chances of receiving an interview. Looking for work is already stressful enough. Let me put my knowledge and knowledge to work for you, so you can concentrate on the bigger picture!

Are you having trouble finding the right word to convey your achievements? Do you have a dilemma about what to include, remove, or what information you should include first? As an experienced resume writer, I am aware of all the most recent trends regarding resumes and hiring so that you don’t have to! Hire professional resume writers like me and take the work to me.