Top Secrets for Writing a Killer IT Resume

It is important to keep your resume current when you begin job searching. It takes patience and clever tricks to create a great IT resume. These are some tips to help you get started in creating or updating your resume.

Keep it brief and sweet

Your list of certifications and qualifications should not exceed two pages. Otherwise, you run the risk of boring potential employers. Two pages are sufficient to convince employers that you are qualified for the job. Your resume will be read if it is concise and easy to read.

Key skills can be measured in years

After your contact information and name, list the key skills you have that will make you a good candidate for the job. It is a great way to give your future employers the most accurate information about what you are capable of. They will be able to identify the person they are dealing with.

Your IT resume should be tailored to the job you are applying for

Although it may require some effort and time, this will increase your chances of landing the job you want. Employers love IT professionals who take their time applying for job openings. It is a sign they are interested in the position.

It’s important to keep it professional

Although many people include personal information such as hobbies and marital status on their resumes, professional IT resumes should not have such details. They will most likely be ignored and will not help you get hired in a highly competitive field like IT.

Positively portray yourself

When applying for a job within the IT industry, it is not advisable to exaggerate past responsibilities and qualifications. You should be modest but not too humble. Remember that employers don’t know anything about you. Your presentation will impact how they view you.

Avoid using technical terms in excess

It is important to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable in IT terms. However, using technical language for your resume could be just as damaging as a lack of IT knowledge. Your resume may be seen by other IT staff who are involved in the hiring process. It is therefore important to make a positive impression.

Don’t worry about outdated technologies

While it may be interesting to some that you used a programming language or platform that is no longer in style 10 years ago, it’s important that you don’t keep up with the latest technologies. Because IT is an ever-changing industry, it is important to impress with your knowledge of current technologies and not outdated ones.