Types of Resume Samples

Either a professional resume writer can help you write your resume, or you can do it yourself. If you choose the latter, it is important to know the basics of resume writing so that your resume stands out from the rest. Online resume examples can be helpful. You can find different formats for resumes, and you will find different resume examples written in different formats. We will discuss the different types of resumes and how they can help you get shortlisted for an interview.

Resume Samples

You can use a variety of resume formats to present your information. There are many formats for presenting your details, but three are the most popular depending on the job and qualifications. These formats include.

Format for a Chronological CV

Functional CV Format

Format for Combination CV

The most common format is the chromatological. This format is ideal for freshers and recent graduates. These CVs are formatted in bulleted points. They are then divided into sections. The skills are listed after the career goal and before the professional experience details. This is because a fresher applicant won’t have any memorable experience details that will grab the employer’s attention.

For those with large gaps in their employment history or who are changing careers, the functional format is ideal. Functional format doesn’t require you to include the dates of your previous jobs. The functional format hides any gaps in employment or job switching.

Combination resume refers to the combination of two formats. Combination resumes are becoming more popular because they include the same features as the above formats.

There are many types of resume examples, just like there are resume formats. Most online sites offer samples for combination, functional, and chronological resumes.

Functional Sample

If you have any employment gaps, a functional sample will be required when you refer the online resume samples. The functional format doesn’t draw attention to the applicant’s employment history. It focuses instead on the applicant’s existing skills. This will inform the employer how these skills could benefit the company.

Example of a Combination Resume

This format is also called the two-page format. It is the first part of a functional resume. The last part is a chronological format. It is a combination of both chronological and functional formats. This is the best format for designing a resume. It will highlight your skills and list your work details in a chronological order. This will provide an employer with a clear understanding of the applicant’s work history.

Chronological Resume Example

This format is most common and most resume samples you will see are in it. This format presents the job experience in reverse chronological order. This format will give employers the assurance that there are no employment gaps. You should use a different format to present details if you have gaps in your history. This sample resume will include the skills and employment history. The sample employment section will list the details in reverse chronological order.

Consider what format of resume template you would prefer before you start looking at online samples. Be aware of the qualifications required for the job that you are applying. For every job application, you will find the appropriate samples. Find the right resume template and create a resume that explains your job details.