Write a Resume Cover Letter in 5 Easy Steps

It is difficult to apply for a job. Your chances of getting hired are higher if you have more interviews. To get in touch with a recruiter, your cover letter and resume will be the first thing you need. Let’s do a quick calculation: The job you are applying for includes 100 to 1000 applicants who have applied for the exact same job. This scenario will see recruiters begin with “resume selection.” Only a professionally written resume cover letter can be considered for an interview.

From a recruiter’s perspective, this sorting is a fundamental step to improving his or her recruitment process. It is, however, the first step to OPPORTUNITY for candidates, and one that he or she cannot afford not to take.

These questions will help you assess the performance of your RESUME/COVER LIST.

1. Are you able to write a one-page resume?

2. Are you able to edit your cover letter and resume every time you apply for a job

3. Are you looking to improve your Key Skills?

4. Are you able to adjust your resume according to the requirements of a recruiter?

If you answered “NO” to the above questions, then please continue reading this article.

One common MISTAKE that candidates make when writing their RESUME is to “not CUSTOMIZE it according to the job description.”

Did you know that one mistake could cost you your dream job for which you have worked so hard?

Top 5 Resume cover letters that will get you an interview

1. Great Resume requires a cover letter that is “par excellence.”

a) Choose the career you want and create five resumes.

b) Please mention the “Skill Sets” relevant to the Job Description for which you are applying

2. Write a three-paragraph letter. Not one… not two

a) Add DATE at the top

b) The header should be left unaligned

c) No indentation of the paragraphs

d) Begin with “Dear Mrs/Mr.” Find out the NAME and contact information for the recipient of your cover letter.

If you are unable to find the name, please mention “To Whom It May Concern.”

e) Attach your cover letter



Xxxxxxx654 (PHONE NUMBER)

[email protected] PROFESSIONAL E-mail ADDRESS


g) Save the document both in.PDF or.DOC formats (different companies prefer different formats).

3. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself

a) Give your name and be clear and concise. Otherwise, the reader may lose interest.

b) Don’t list your experiences; instead, mold the sentence to say, “you manage top-performing teams and achieve results.”

c) Don’t be afraid to express yourself, and remember that this is a cover letter and not a social media profile page. Let them know what you’re good at, but do it professionally.

4. Rule of thumb – The Second Paragraph must be concluded in five sentences

a) Describe your career goals and the reasons you would like to work for the company.

b) Only two things need to be changed in your cover letter

c) “Dear Mrs/Mrs. ______” and the second Paragraph.

Why should you edit your second paragraph when you apply for a job?

These changes demonstrate to the recruiter that they have done their research and selected you.

5. 3. Paragraph: You and Company are represented as a TEAM

a) You can keep the third paragraph generic, so it doesn’t have to be changed every time

b) Concentrate on the alignment of your past and future achievements with company goals.

c) Use the “We” word in all sentences to convey that you are already part of their organization.

These five guidelines will help you land an interview with top recruiters.

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