Your Resume Is Not Your Identity

” A compelling resumé will get you the interview.
A compelling Persona Profile will get you the position!”
Allan N Mulholland
We’re submersed with information! important of this information is useless, some indeed dangerous! Dispatch, texting, social media, the list goes on and on. nearly everyone has discovered a partiality for” encouraging” inapplicable vids, filmland, songs, prophesies, propaganda, studies- of- the- day, prayers- of- the- day, motivational dispatches, images of what could or should be if we forward, or not further this trash to 5 further people. Internet or Armageddon, which do you choose!

By the time we filter out what we do not want to read, we slightly have time to read what is important. This brings me to the coming innovative miracle of the 21st century compartmentalization. Chunking has come a way of life. rather of looking at the whole picture, we knob it. We divvy it up into bite- size pieces. Not judging a book by its cover is OK for those of us who still take time to read content, but for the rest? Well, frequently the book cover will just have to serve!
For one moment, suppose of yourself as a book! The book is the story of your life. It’s your Persona Profile and it wants to define you! It should define you! But unless someone actually reads your” book”, you’ll be defined by its cover! Whatever is displayed on the cover of your” book” is what people will see and learn about you. You’ll be judged on whatever is on the cover! Your IDENTITY is now reduced to a simple shot of its content.

Now suppose of your book cover as your resumé!

No matter how well your resumé is composed, whether you wrote it or had it set professionally, it’s only the cover of your book- a one- runner synopsis of your persona. And in moment’s culture of information load, your resumé had better be an abridged and abbreviated synopsis of your persona or it’ll not be read! Fortunately, there are numerous books, papers, courses and coffers available to produce a compelling resumé. But while a compelling resumé will get you the interview, a compelling Persona Profile will win you the position!

Your resumé and your Persona Profile is the one- two punch needed to ace the webbing interview for a job or career. Your resumé may delineate all your qualifications needed for the position. It may be the perfect response to the job description. But if your Persona Profile doesn’t match the responses you give to the canvasser , your address and address make your responses come across as insincere. Your erraticisms are an expression of your persona and form an integral part of your response pattern, yournon-verbal communication pattern. Your body language, your facial expressions, your breathing and your voice accentuation, they’re all a part of the Persona Profile that you portray in the moment.
Still, it does not count how well rehearsed your speech is about your strengths and qualifications, If your Persona Profile doesn’t match the person who may be considered to be the successfulcandidate.However, it does not count how ambitious you may claim to be, If your eye contact signals a lack ofconfidence.However, it does not count how people- acquainted you may claim to be, If your unrestricted body language displays an unintentional warning for others to keep their distance. Your Persona Profile must be that of an achiever, not a fabricator!

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